The eRCV Projects

eRCV I (Electric Refuse Collection Vehicle) delivered the first, electric-powered, zero-emission 26-tonne Refuse Collection Vehicle in the UK. The end-of-life diesel vehicle was repowered to run with an electric engine and hydraulics system.

The project was funded in collaboration with Innovate UK and led by MagTec, with consortium partners of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and DG Cities.

The eRCV II project builds on the success of the eRCV I project. There will be a further four end-of-life Refuse Collection Vehicles repowered to be fully-electric. The vehicles will be trialled within two of the most testing environments - a densely populated urban area (Westminster Council) and an urban/rural, hilly area (Sheffield Council).

The project is funded in collaboration with Innovate UK, led by MagTec, with consortium partners including Veolia, MicroLise, Sheffield and Westminster Councils and DG Cities.

DG Cities are helping to build the case for mass exploitation of the vehicle and its technology on both eRCV I and II projects, incorporating the environmental and social benefits into the business case for repower. DG Cities has also capitalised on its involvement in relevant city networks and standards groups to commercially exploit the project to new customers and sectors.