The GATEway Project

GATEway was a three-year Innovate-UK funded project studying how autonomous vehicles will fit into the UK’s future transport mix, and the societal, technical and legal barriers that need to be overcome before they become a reality on the roads. Autonomous vehicles were deployed in a number of different settings including for passenger transport, shopping deliveries and for valet parking for residents with mobility issues.

The project was led by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), with consortium partners including the University of Greenwich, Commonplace, the Royal College of Art, insurance company RSA, O2 Telefonica and DG Cities.

Through GATEway DG Cities developed experience in managing and deploying autonomous vehicles into real-world environments. We published a ‘white paper’ looking at how cities should be designed in order to maximise the benefits arising from new mobility solutions in a way that increases accessibility for city residents. DG Cities also looked in depth at the impact of autonomous vehicles on the logistics industry and developed a simulation tool to help us to model the impact of new types of autonomous logistics operations in the borough.

Visit the GATEway project site to find out more.