The MAVEN Project

MAVEN (Managing Automated Vehicles Enhances Network) is a Horizon 2020 European Commission funded research project which is developing approaches to dynamically manage automated vehicles at intersections. This includes speed and lane advice delivered to vehicles as they approach the junction, with the aim of optimising both speeds and flows through junctions, increasing safety and reducing emissions. ‘Collective Intelligence’ approaches are also being developed to allow vehicles to share information with each other to further improve safety for vulnerable road users.

The project is led by DLR, with consortium partners including Hyundai, Polis, TomTom, MAP Traffic Intelligence and the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

DG Cities is contributing it’s knowledge of Connected Autonomous Vehicles, from a technology and policy perspective, and it’s knowledge of Local Authority needs to help build a road map for both the market and Local Authorities to adopt MAVEN approaches in the longer term.

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