The MERGE Greenwich Project

MERGE Greenwich was a feasibility study to develop a blueprint for a commercial pilot of autonomous ride-sharing service. The project was led by Addison Lee, with consortium partners including the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), Immense Simulations, Transport Catapult, Ford and DG Cities.

DG Cities role was to ensure that the blueprint for the commercial pilot was compatible with the needs of cities. We looked at how cities can ensure that AV ride-sharing integrates seamlessly with the existing transport network, considered what infrastructure changes would be required and examined the potential policy or regulatory variations that could enable AV ride-sharing to help solve cities’ current transport challenges.

Given the importance of customer uptake, we also worked with Greenwich residents to understand their perceptions, motivations and concerns about autonomous vehicles and ride-sharing. We used this information to ensure that the blueprint covers how to engage people as mobility customers and how to deliver a service that meets customer expectations in a way that supports city agendas for social benefits.

You can view the final report here and find out more about the project here.